Fortnite Leak: Inferno Pack (Skin, Wrap, Pickaxe, V-Bucks), Inferno Challenges

The Inferno skin was originally leaked in the v8.20 update along with a wrap and pickaxe. The names and rarities of the cosmetics, however were not leaked at the time.

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In today’s v8.30 update, leakers have discovered the Inferno skin will be part of a Fortnite pack. Originally, leakers assumed the skin would be part of a bundle that would be available to purchase in Item Shop.

Hypex, a well known leaker, was one of the first to state the skin is part of the pack. Whilst the pickaxe and wrap still have no name, we do know that the pack will also include V-Bucks, but the amount of V-Bucks is unknown.

You can view the pack below:

fortnite inferno pack fortnite leak quiz

Another leaker, ShiinaBR, has mentioned the pack will include “Inferno” challenges. It’s likely these challenges will be basic and similar to the Fallen Love Ranger challenges whereby players need to complete daily challenges.

There’s no release date for the pack/bundle yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as there’s any new information.