All Pirate Camps on Fortnite

One of the themes of Fortnite’s newest season is pirates, and even the challenges are getting involved. One of these week’s challenges requires players to visit all seven of the pirate bases on the map.

The bases are located somewhere around the center of the map, almost forming a circle around Loot Lake. Here’s a map so you know where they’re at.

fortnite s8 bases pink map Fortnite Season 8 pirate bases map

Each base requires you to arrive there to get credit for it. There’s no need to climb up to the top. All of the game’s bases look unique and have sections made of wood with black pirate flags on top.

fortnite february 28 2019 season 8 epic games

Because each of the bases is located around the same area, it shouldn’t be hard to reach all of them in one game. Land at your favorite one to start with, then make a spiral that ends in the center. You may need to get lucky with circle locations but otherwise it should be a breeze to knock out.