Leaked photos could mean an upcoming Valve VR headset

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The photos of an alleged prototype of a VR headset by Valve have leaked online.

The leaked photos of the VR headset were uploaded on Imgur on November 10, 2018. Four photos were uploaded, to be exact.

Though, from the clock on the desktop in the background, the images were taken on July 25, 2018.

valve vr headset leak photo imgur 1

valve vr headset leak photo imgur 2

valve vr headset leak photo imgur 3

valve vr headset leak photo imgur 4

Looking closely on the leaked photos, there seems to be SteamVR sensors and built-in headphones.

There are two cameras that might provide a field of view larger than HTC’s Vive VR. Also, there’s a visible Valve logo on the circuit board.

The headset padding also looks quite similar to the prototype of Valve’s “Knuckles” controllers.

valve knuckles controllers prototype vr headset padding steam vr

Valve is currently partners with HTC’s Vive VR and Vive Pro for VR hardware. But there has been no announcement from Valve that they’re working on their own VR tech.

Although, Valve developed the “Steam Controller” and “Steam Link” devices before, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they build their own hardware.

According to Uploadvr, their independent sources have actually confirmed that the Valve VR headset leak are in fact prototypes for an upcoming new Valve HMD (head-mount display).

The field of view will be 135 degrees with “Vive Pro” resolution panels. And it might be bundled with Valve’s “Knuckles” controllers, and a Half-Life based VR game.

If ever the leaked photos are in fact prototypes of Valve’s new VR headset, then it would compete with Oculus’s “Rift S” headset.

As of this writing, Valve has not responded yet whether the Valve VR headset prototypes are real or fake.